Yulu Wynn - India's 1st Truly Keyless EV

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Features that transform your ride.


Modern Urban Design

Wynn’s urban and full-bodied design stands out as it perfectly blends toughness with modernity.


No Driving Licence Needed

As an LSEV, Wynn is exempted from the need of a Driving Licence for riding, making it easily accessible for almost everyone.



With a 740 mm seat-height, & a compact 1200mm wheelbase, Wynn is easy to ride & manage for people of all heights.


1 minute Easy-Swap

Reserve your battery in advance on the Yulu app and get it swapped at any Yuma Energy Stations in under 1 minute.


No Range Anxiety

Reserve your battery in advance on the Yulu app and get it swapped at any Yuma Energy Stations in under 1 minute.


India’s 1st Truly-keylessTM EV

With Yulu app-enabled access control, your Wynn is truly keyless and always accessible


India’s 1st Family Sharing Access

Share access to the Wynn with your friends and family members at any time, even remotely, using the Yulu app.


Track my Wynn

Track the location and always stay connected to your Wynn with just a tap on your Yulu app


OTA upgrades

Your Wynn experience will keep improving as it continuously upgrades itself through Over The Air updates


Mobility Subscription Packs

Yulu’s Mobility Subscription Packs lessen your upfront purchase cost by 35% and offer you freedom from charging by going for a battery swap subscription that best suits you.


Always-new Battery

Enjoy full-range on your battery forever! With a battery subscription you always get batteries with the latest technology in the best state of health.


Lasting, world-class build quality

Wynn has been engineered and manufactured by Bajaj Auto Limited, Wynn is built in an exceptional, world-class quality to last for a long time.


Fully-digital Ownership

Get everything from vehicle access to ride stats to transaction details to location tracking and access sharing - all on a single app.

Easy Swaps. On-the-go. Or-at-Home.

Swap discharged battery for a 100% charged one at Yuma Energy Stations or charge it at home!


Dense Network

Swap your battery for a 100% charged one at Yuma’s Energy dense network conveniently located at high footfall locations. check out the locations here!


Always New

Unlike an owned battery, which degrades in performance with time, swappable batteries always offer the best state of health.


Home Charging

You can also power up your battery in a flash with our smart home charging solution - ready to hit the road in no time!

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Smart Mobility Packs

Do away with the burden of owning and charging a battery by choosing flexible battery subscription plans as per your need.

Attractive Financing Options

EMI Starts at ₹1,999/mo with a down payment as low as ₹9,999

Driver & Rider Insurance Available




Smart Charger

Wynn's sleek smart charger is compatible with any 5A outlet and controlled from your phone. It gives real-time updates for ultimate convenience.

Coming Soon...


Mobile Holder

If you like the flexibility of having access to your mobile, this secure and ergonomic solution is for you.

₹ 590


Rear View Mirrors

Circular and wide rear view mirrors of the Wynn give you a clear view of what is behind

₹ 160


Centre Stand

With this robust, stable and easy to apply centre stand, you can park your Wynn at any surface with confidence.

₹ 440


Stylish Helmet

Safety and style come hand-in-hand with these ISI standard helmets from Vega.

₹ 850


Rear carrier

With this sturdy rear carrier, you get some very handy space to carry the things that matter.

₹ 1500

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Essential Specifications

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You can book your Wynn on buy.yulu.bike or the Yulu app.

Booking amount is fully refundable.

You can experience the Wynn at any of our Wynn Experience Points (WEPs) where a Wynn Expert will give you all the information about the product & the process. Wynn’s buying process is completely online - from booking to full payment. Once your Wynn is ready, we will deliver your vehicle at your doorstep.

The Warranty of Wynn is for a period of 1 Year from the date of Purchase

To service your Wynn, you can raise a request on the Yulu app. Our service team will get in touch with you and fix a time for vehicle pick-up and bring it to our central service center. Once the servicing is done, the vehicle will be dropped back at your address.

We have very attractive finance options that make purchasing a Wynn easy. Please refer to the Pricing section

To know more about the accessories that can be purchased please visit the accessories section of the website

As Wynn is a Low Speed Electric Vehicle, it is exempted from registration under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR).

As Wynn comes in the Low Speed Electric Vehicle category under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) which is exempted from the requirement of the rider needing a helmet. However, for your own safety, Yulu strongly urges you to wear a helmet while riding your Wynn.

You can take a battery on subscription, however, as of now, we do not offer batteries for purchase.

Yuma Battery Stations are conveniently located across Bengaluru such that you will mostly have one within a 2-3 km radius. We are adding more Yuma Stations every week. You can see the current Yuma Stations here